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Biowizards offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions and services to address the needs of diverse audiences. We are today amongst world’s leading talent development companies offering learning solutions to young budding biotechnology students, enterprises and individuals.

Innovation and Leadership

Innovation has remained a growth catalyst for Biowizards, leading us to think “out-of-the-box,” and bring to market products and training solutions that have often been global firsts. We have constantly transformed unique ideas into “on-the-ground” solutions that bring real benefits to learners. One of the innovative solutions offered by Biowizards is the synchronous learning based training programs with National Centre for Applied Human Genetics, School of Life Sciences. The Industry-endorsed Biowizards Advanced diploma curriculum has proved to be a trail-blazing 2-Month Professional Practice offering.

Who should select Biowizards and why??

The colleges in India today churn out degree holders who lack the technical expertise due to the void of well-equipped laborato-ries and good lab practice. Thus they are unable to understand complex machines and systems which are used commonly in the biotechnology-based industry and laboratories.

Schools, Colleges and Universities, seeking over an edge life sciences technology exposure to their students and supplement their educational curriculums.

Industrial candidates:
Investors and established industrialists looking to diversify into the field of biotechnology find themselves at crossroads when it comes to deciding what might be a profitable biotech venture or what kind of investment would be required both in terms of skilled manpower as well as infrastructure.
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