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Academic Programmes

Course Duration
Molecular Biology 2 Weeks
Industrial Biotechnology 2 Weeks
Immuno Technology 2 Weeks
Recombinant DNA Technology 2 Weeks
Microbiology 2 Weeks
Industrial Microbiology 2 Weeks
Biochemistry 2 Weeks
Bioinformatics 2 Weeks
Bio genomics 2 Weeks
Special Industry Visit- Live 2 Weeks
Human Genetics 2 Weeks
Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology 2 Months
Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics 2 Months

We also provide assistance in getting National and International fellowships for higher studies in fields as well as attending International Conferences and Workshops
Biotechnology Course Content

The multidisciplinary curriculum will cover all aspects of Biotechnology including under-standing process principles, experimentation in Molecular Biology, Industrial Biotechnology, Immunotechnology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Bio genomics, Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology, Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics, Special Industry Visit- Live.

We propose to have separate modules for students and corporate, which will focus on different themes. The student course will emphasize on practical hands-on training, teaching the ethics of the Industry and a fundamental know-how of Biotechnology management.

On the other hand, the corporate course will aim to give an in-depth overview of the subject. We will help entrepreneurs establish realistic expectations of the field and introduce them to the knowledge-intensive subject.

The modules will be divided into weeks having syllabi to fulfil the particular requirements of the course. There shall be lectures and presentations by our own staff and invited speakers consisting of eminent scientists and industrialists. These shall be complemented by intensive training in the laboratory, preparing the scholar to use diverse instruments and tools.

The students will get to interact with the industrialists and vice-versa thus understanding the needs of each other. This shall help both parties to get in touch with their prospective future partners

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